Deep Purple Burn Instrumental #12

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Type: arrangement, with backing vocals
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Lyrics of Song "Burn"
Burn (Deep Purple)

The sky is red, I don't understand
Past midnight I still see the land
People are sayin' the woman is damned
She makes you burn with a wave of her hand
The city's a blaze, the town's on fire
The woman's flames are reaching higher
We were fools, we called her liar
All I hear is "Burn!"
I didn't believe she was devil's sperm
She said, "Curse you all, you'll never learn!
When I leave there's no return "
The people laughed till she said, "Burn!"
Warning came, no one cared
Earth was shakin', we stood and stared
When it came no one was spared
Still I hear "Burn!"
You know we had no time
We could not even try
You know we had no time
You know we had no time
We could not even try …
Lyrics added by: Artur Grechanov
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