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Lyrics of Song "Gossip"
Behind the shadows and the darkness
A scene left lifeless, secrets crawl, move along throughout these empty streets
You strip your freedoms like a cheap, dirty whore
But that’s fine for, these soft-spoken low-lifes that surround me.

The good and bad, you’ve had some of all of them
But still, this justice is not what it was then
And I believed, this need we’re indulging in
It’s like a magic spell , a fairytale, maybe an old sin…
We’d sell our souls to tell…

Don’t wanna hear you say you love me
No, baby that ain’t what I need
I want to see the conflict and the explicity
But it’s not enough to just blame it on heat and lust
When all we need is — Gossip!

When gossip kisses with its poison,
You’re’just one less person, led astray by Madonnas in the evening sun
When all the foolishness is said and done
They’re taken one by one — by misery eating at you ‘til you’re gone

He held me tight, that night, wrapped in deep delight
We loved until we forgot what was his and mine
But by the end, he went, and our final kiss
Was just a shameless game, a blameless name
Because a love like this - was never worth the bliss…

Don’t wanna hear you say you love me
No, baby that ain’t what I need
What’s left of “us” will live on in those sweet memories
And those times we shared, just enough to excite our dare
So we’ll defy that — Logic!

Ignorant bliss, your kiss, living on like this
The risk was hard to conceal when the doubt was his
That awful sound, heard ‘round, lays it’s defense down
We’ll turn obedient, submit to it, and act afraid of it
Admit, that this is bliss

Don’t wanna hear you say you-
Don’t wanna hear it til you love me
That gossip fills me up so sweet
We’ll go against the odds and ends of sinned misery
And the ones that say, we’d just be getting in the way
Well damn the lot of them—

Don’t wanna hear you say you loved me
Without the raw explicity
Just let it burn and grow, we’ll raise this magical seed
And as time goes on, let it grow, let it suffer and breathe
That burning trace — Gossip!
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