Hatsune Miku Two Breaths Walking Instrumental

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Lyrics of Song "Two Breaths Walking"
It holds
the story of my life
laid out
a single page for you

Because I want to hold you close
On my own feet I started walking
To synchronize my breath with you
So neither of us will be alone

Hey, Mama
I might 
have found somebody
that I really like

"Well, good for you"

"Come see me"

What are you living off of?
Who is it that drives you to go on?
Who is it that you think of?
Have you learned all of the words to say?

Papa, Mama, Nina
What a good job you have done
Now I'll go and have my fun
What's this?
Well this is strange
The moment...

That I had come to hold you close
I should have noticed most of all
That my hands reaching out 
just to get through
already hurt you

And the words
that I said
I remember the times
they had cut straight on through
Like a knife
That was driving into you

"Just before you go
and tear the knife away
We'll breathe
I'll come in closer
our lips together
will collide 
and meet as one"

With just a kiss
You live for me and me alone
I breathe for you
and you for me
And as we sink eternally
The words were rusted with our
sweet saliva

From today
you'll be the air I breathe
your breath is everything in me
The "I love you"s we tried to say
Where we screwed up in every way

And all the bad things that we said
I'd rather let them out instead
And breathe in with you
So we can breathe in sync til' we die
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