Deep Purple Bloodsucker Instrumental #2

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Uploaded: March 15, 2013
Lyrics of Song "Bloodsucker"
Gotta black breast Chinese eyes
Got an English brain that's gonna make me wise
Got a long story that I wanna tell
To a rhythm that I know so well
Really got a lot of lovin' that I wanna give
Baby I'm a mystery but you know I gotta live
I tried another but she didn't want to know

Take a hold now if you can
Take a lesson from a hard lovin' man
I'm a long way from where I wanna go
Guess I'll stay awhile I really love you so
How's about another sip of all the wine you got
Take a tip from me and give it here I'll drink the lot
I'm not a whiney, I'm a puttin' on a show

You really really grab me but I've gotta move
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